Academic Programs for French Immersion

Programs for French Immersion Students

Registration is OPEN for our winter and spring semesters:
Week of  January 4th and March 22nd


Offered to SK- grade to 6 (6 to 12 years old). For children who are currently attending a program of early French immersion involving a minimum of 50% French instruction and other subject matter taught in French. Children who graduate from our Practical French Essential series may also attend as approved by our instructors.

What To Expect: 

The programs will impact the richness of vocabulary, fluidity of conversation and grasp of the grammatical rules for the students. 

Students will receive a certificate after completing the 10-week semester. They will also receive a progress report mid-way and instructors are constantly doing assessments to ensure your child is in the right level.

We Offer Specific Classes for Each Grade:

Books, Songs and more (for students in Sk):  This class is designed to build your child’s spontaneity with the French language and enhance their vocabulary all while socializing. We will engage them in songs, short stories and play games such as “snakes and ladders,” “checkers” and other classics!

All For 1 (grade 1): This program focuses on reading, writing and speaking with material appropriate for children who have been in French immersion for one or two years, and have limited fluency and ability to have a spontaneous conversation. Students will also develop their critical thinking skills through short stories.

Enrich Your French (grades 2 to 6): Our program is designed to cater to the needs of French immersion students specifically. It will focus on the 4 areas of language acquisition: speaking, comprehension, reading and writing. These classes are a mix of guided lessons and interactive sections with seasoned instructors. Students will consolidate their grammar skills and will develop their critical thinking through texts, videos, audio clips, and conversations. They will also work on expressing their point of view in details and on justifying their answers and ideas.



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Any questions about our classes?

During the summer only: For grades 2 to 5 (ages 8 to 11). These programs are separated into 2 sections 8-9 years old and 10-11 years old.

  • Writer’s Workshop: Grammar Work and Creative Writing.
  • Reading Club: Reading out loud and reading comprehension. 
  • Conversational French: Let’s Talk French! In-depth discussions and vocabulary practice.


  • Junior Academy: French virtual classes are offered at $220/semester, with the exception of Books, song and more offered at $175/semester.
  • Semesters are 10 weeks of 55 minutes classes.
  • Our programs are tax exempt.

Prefer one-on-one tutoring? We have fantastic French tutors too! Click the button to get more details about our flexible online French tutoring!

Have a group of 4 students or more? Make your own private French class with our Learning PODs and customize your day, time, and frequency!

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