Boost your French Skills With Live Online Learning!
“Virtual Programs Make Self-Isolation Feel Less Isolating!”


Welcome to Brouillet French Academy!

The Brouillet Academy offers academic programs and courses in a variety of formulas, both for children and adults targeting each client’s level and goals.

One of the main goals of the Brouillet Academy is to help second language learners of all ages to boost their motivation to improve their French language skills. Our team of expert second language educators strives to encourage our students to combine the learning of French with the fun of their hobbies and interests! They can even pursue a short-term project, such as a DELF certification!

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What our clients are saying about us:

“Lauren’s experience with the virtual classes at Tournesol during these uncertain times we all face has not only enriched her French and increased her confidence but has helped make self-isolation feel less isolating.” (Virtual French Classes)

“This program has been essential during this difficult time. It has provided much-needed structure and routine while delivering a fun program and daily practice with a patient instructor.” (Virtual French Classes)

“Lazar was very happy to hear today that he passed his DELF B1 test with 83% score, thanks to Annie and Brouillet Academy!”  Ranka (French Online Classroom)

Thank you Jules you have been excellent with my daughter Allison, I have seen her improvement and I look forward to have you work with her again in the fall.  (French Tutoring)

“We are so happy we registered for the online tutoring! It was so convenient, the kids loved not having to drive anywhere for their French lessons. Everyone was so accommodating and our kids loved their tutors! You guys have been awesome – we look forward to more sessions this summer, and keeping up with the program in the fall. Thanks!” (French Tutoring)

“We have had an incredibly positive experience so far, and I’m excited to involve my other children in programming as well. Your business is well run, friendly, fun and super convenient! As a mother of three children, I can’t express my gratitude. We’ve only been with you for a short time, but the staff and tutors have been amazing!

This week my daughter had the pleasure of meeting Clément. I wanted to pass along to you that Erin enjoyed this tutoring session immensely. In fact, she proclaimed “it’s the most fun I’ve had learning anything”.  I wanted to extend my appreciation and admiration regarding your tutoring efforts.” (French Tutoring)