Registration for summer classes is now open! Semester begins June 27th!

Online Coding Classes for Kids

Learn to code in French!

Learn to code with our Scratch, Minecraft, and Python virtual classes!

Classes offered for kids ages 7 to 14!

No prior coding experience necessary!

Coding Classes


Coding 101 and 201 Classes (Scratch Programming Language)

Ages 7 to 12

Bring your creativity to life with Scratch! Students will learn the basic building blocks of coding using this fun and easy interface. Students will finish off the semester with a final project which will allow them to program their own games and animations! 

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World of Minecraft: Minecraft Coding Classes​

Ages 7 to 12

Student must purchase the Minecraft game prior to registering. The world of Minecraft offers limitless possibilities! Create anything your heart desires while learning about internet safety, 3D structures, and much more. Multiple educational topics will be covered using this platform, including natural habitats, circuits and electricity, and geology. As a final project, students will craft their very own 3D structure, like a rocket ship or the Grand Canyon! 

A great option for Minecraft players:

Minecraft Mods Classes: Did you know? Our team also teaches Minecraft Mods classes! ‘Mods’ is short for game modifications, which are introduced in the game code to add new gameplay mechanics as well as other enhancements. In these classes students will be able to install these mods to expand their Minecraft experience and create new challenges to help them further explore the World of Minecraft!

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Python Level 1 Classes

Ages 10 to 14

Create your very own 2D video game! Using Mu and PyGame Zero, students will learn to code in the Python language. We will introduce important coding topics and students will learn to convert words into visuals on screen, which is the essence of coding. Then, students will create a 2D video game as a final project! 

Our Class Semesters: 2022-2023 Schedule

Please note: DELF Classes are only offered during 10 week semesters.

To view our class schedule click here.


Weekly Classes

10 Week Semester: starts March 28th

5 Week Semester: starts May 2nd


Daily Classes and Weekly Classes

10 Week Semester: starts June 27th

5 Week Semester: starts August 2nd

Daily Classes: June 29th-August 27th

FALL 2022

Weekly Classes

10 Week Semester: TBD

5 Week Semester: TBD


Weekly Classes

10 Week Semester: TBD

5 Week Semester: TBD


The Winter semester begins the week of March 28th. Class start dates are staggered throughout the week. Log into the parent portal here for more details.

Our semesters can run from 8 weeks to 13 weeks depending on the semester. For more information on our schedules, check out our yearly semester schedule section above the FAQ.

Yes! All of our classes are held virtually so anybody can join from anywhere in the world!

Our classes are divided by age and grade. We currently offer French Immersion virtual classes for children ages 6 to 12! If your child is older than 12, check out our Senior Academy designed for Grades 6 to 12!

For Virtual Classes:

  • There will be an administration fee of 15% of the fee for the session per student withheld on all refunds. 
  • Refunds for the registration fees are only issued for cancellations submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the beginning of the courses.
  • There are no credit notes available for any reason.

For Tutoring:

    • We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If after your first session you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can request a full refund of your fees within 48 hours of the end of the session. No risk, hassle free! 
    • After the first session, we unfortunately are unable to offer a refund
    • There are no credit notes available for any reason.


We love people who register early as it helps us secure our best staff so we like to give you a little reward! 

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Pricing and Fees

Coding Classes Online

in French
$ 200 Per 10 classes
  • 55 minute classes once daily
  • Small class size (max. 8 students)
  • Multiple week discount 4% off total, if you purchase 3 programs or more in the same program type on the same transaction

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