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Who We Are

After close to two decades of success bringing beloved French summer camps to tens of thousands of families around the GTA, Martine Brouillet decided to extend the reach of Camp Tournesol with a sister company, the Brouillet Academy.

Martine has always had a great passion for sharing the French language ever since she moved to Ontario following humble beginnings growing up in the heart of Montreal. Because camps are generally offered during the summer months, that left three quarters of the year where Martine couldn’t help grow the French language in her community—this was the impetus to create Brouillet Academy in 2017.

While Camp Tournesol’s French summer and French overnight programs were all improving French skills though fun activities, the Brouillet Academy would focus more on building academic French skills of its students all year round, through

  • Virtual French classes for groups of 8 students or less,
  • Delf certification preparation French classes and,
  • one-on-one French tutoring.

Our Goals

The Brouillet Academy’s main goal is to help learners grow their French skills and work towards bilingualism in an academic and engaging environment.

We aim to increase our students’ motivation to improve and to boost their French language skills. Our team of expert second language educators strives to encourage our students to pursue their journey to bilingualism and help them be successful!

In order to facilitate this type of learning environment, our French language programs stem from experimental research on the effectiveness of second language teaching. We draw from a variety of instructional approaches and techniques in order to maximize the opportunities for successful acquisition of a given language feature.

Meet Our Founder

Martine Brouillet

Martine is a francophone born and raised in Montreal who actively supports bilingualism. She graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in management information system and organizational behavior. 

In 2001, after the birth of her 3 sons, Martine Brouillet founded Camp Tournesol in Ontario, Canada and has been driven to make an impact with Ontario’s children in their quest to become bilingual ever since. The company’s flagship French camps have since become leaders in their market, welcoming tens of thousands of children and spawning sister products servicing these families such as the Brouillet Academy.

The impetus to create the Brouillet Academy stemmed from a long time dream to provide accessibility to French classes and tutoring to children and adults regardless of their geographical location as well as to complement the hands-on, experiential learning provided by her camps with a more academic and structured environment.

Senior Team

Annie Bellemare

Director of Curriculum

Annie is a francophone born and raised in Quebec. She has gained more than 10 years of experience teaching and sharing her love of French both in Quebec and in Ontario. She graduated from University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières with a Bachelor’s degree in Second Language Teaching. After her first university degree, she decided to pursue her studies at the master’s level. She then moved to Ontario to study at the University of Toronto in the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, where she completed her Master of Arts in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development. Her thesis was on youth identity and French-language education in Ontario. She is now a Special Education Consultant at Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. She is still very passionate about teaching French and is very excited to work and share her passion with your children.

Annie joined Camp Tournesol in 2009, participating in all the overnight trips since then (Quebec, France, Algonquin) and having fun with campers at the day camps as a coordinator. In 2018, she joined our senior team as a regional coordinator.

She has assembled a team of seasoned instructors for all our classes and levels who will be with her onsite at the weekend retreat.

Jason Wexler

Camp Director

Jason was born and raised in Montreal and learned both French and English growing up in a multi-language household. He was a French immersion student throughout elementary and high school before completing his Bachelor’s degree in child studies at the University of Concordia. He continued his education in Ontario where he received his Master’s Degree in Applied Disabilities Studies. 

Jason has always had a passion for summer camps, attending them every summer as a camper since the age of 5. He has since amassed over 10 years of experience working in various camps in different roles such as counsellor, section head, program director and finally camp director. At his last camp, Jason worked as the director for 5 summers, planning special events, managing the staff and making sure all campers had a fun and meaningful camp experience.  Now in his first summer at Camp Tournesol, Jason looks forward to making the same type of impact and is extremely excited to share his passion for camp and enthusiasm for French-language acquisition with all of our amazing campers and families.      

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