French Virtual Classes and French Tutoring

French virtual programs in Canada for students in Grades 1 to 12! Different themes and classes available for all levels!

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French Virtual Classes:

Our French Virtual Classes are offered year-round and are designed to help French students ages 6 and up improve their skills in the language. We offer a variety of classes, each designed to help the tailored needs of French students in different grades and ages.

Join us for our virtual French class winter semester ending on June 16th!

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Enrich Your French

Grades 1 to 6: French Immersion

Our EYF classes are offered for French Immersion students or students in a French program at school. Our classes are divided by grade level and provide support to help students succeed with their French in school! 

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Grammar and Conjugation

Grades 2 to 5: French Immersion

Our conjugation group classes are perfect for those students who wish to receive more support in their French grammar and writing! Our classes cover various different verbs and tenses to help your child master their French language skills!

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DELF Senior Academy Classes

Grades 6 to 12: All French Levels

The Senior Academy provides students Grades 6 to 12 (of appropriate French proficiency) with a unique opportunity to practice their French outside of the traditional classroom and, at the same time, work towards the DELF Junior diploma awarded by the Common European Framework References for Language Ability (CEFR)

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Learn French

SK to Grade 6: Non-French Immersion

Our LF classes offer a  curriculum designed for students who would like to develop their French skills, at any level. These classes will consolidate students’ foundation and basic French skills through various activities linked to the four learning domains: oral communication, oral comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing. 

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Minecraft and Coding Classes

Ages 7 to 14: French Immersion

Learn to code in French with our Scratch, Minecraft, and Python virtual classes! Each semester we offer a selection of our coding and gaming classes, to check which are available take a look at our schedule here.

Want to see our classes in action? Click the button below to check out our free sample classes:

French Tutoring: Private French Classes

Private French Classes

Offered to All Grades & All French Levels

We also offer 1-on-1 French tutoring to help you learn and improve your French! Our French tutors customize the sessions for each of their pupils based on their needs and requests from parents.

They have access to a wide variety of resources including the Ministry’s curriculum and are well supported by our tutoring coordinator, Christine Brouillet. With several years of experience as a virtual tutor and class instructor, she ensures that they develop excellent lesson plans and have access to the best resources..

French Virtual Classes

$ 325 18 week semester
  • 55 minute classes held once weekly (or daily throughout the summer)

DELF Senior Academy

French Virtual Classes: 10-week semester
$ 350 Per Semester
  • 10 week semesters
  • 90 minute classes + an expectation of 30 minutes of individual work
  • Programs are tax exempt

French Tutoring

$ 42
Per hour
  • Our tutoring programs and packages are tax exempt
  • 3 sessions for $165 ($55 an hour)
  • 10 sessions for $475 ($47.5 an hour)
  • 20 sessions for $850 ($42.50 an hour)
Tutoring Client
Read More
Our kids have learned SO much with their tutors. They love their sessions and their teachers make learning so fun.
French Class Client
Read More
Love the online French classes. I hope they continue after the pandemic!
Tutoring Client
Read More
Excellent tutoring! The staff is really helpful and the lessons are fun but focused on individual learning goals.
French Class Client
Read More
We were impressed that the instructor thought to flag whether or not our son was bored (he wasn’t!) That was more personalized attention than we were expecting from a 1 hr/day weeklong class.
EYF French Class Client
Read More
Danny started out virtual classes very anxious about making mistakes on camera in front of others. He said the EYF class helped so much because the teacher and other students were very kind and encouraging! He also was comforted by a safe environment where everyone was free to make errors and learn from them. He really enjoyed speaking with kids his age who were closer to his level (versus native French speakers and completely fresh beginners). Thank you so much for these classes! It is not effortless to enforce dedication to French where we live in the united states. These programs inspired Danny to love French so much and have a desire to speak at home all day long on his own volition, and not just because mom said so!
Tutoring Client
Read More
We were a bit concerned with seeing a couple of Cs in French on Catherine's report card last year, which prompted us to sign her up for tutoring. Steadily but surely those Cs have turned into Bs this year! Nathalia has found a great balance with making sure that Catherine learns the material and has a fun time doing so! We're confident that those Bs will turn into an A or 2 next year!
EYF French Class Client
Read More
I love how much French Christine uses and that she regularly ensures all the kids are engaged. I often find myself looking at the clock at the end of class thinking, “It’s done already?”. Christine is able to make the whole hour fun and my daughter never complains about class, often saying how great it was.
Tutoring Client
Read More
This is our last class with Pascale and I just want to say that she has been exceptional in helping Zuri practice and giving her learning strategies. I believe it's given Zuri a boost in confidence in trying to write and read. The one-on-one has been fantastic. Thank you so much Pascale!
Tutoring Client
Read More
Just want to mention that it is my daughter’s second lesson and she LOVES it. Pascale is an amazing teacher and I am so happy with everything!!
Tutoring Client
Read More
I have purchased an additional 10 sessions and would like to request to keep Pascale as our tutor. She's doing a fantastic job!
Tutoring Client
Read More
Sincerest thanks to our daughter's excellent tutor every week, whom she adores. Warmest thanks also to Christine, who has been so very encouraging in her classes. We also gratefully thank Jason, who has provided such outstanding customer support and patience in responding to our inquiries.