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Are you looking to give your child some extra French practice, help with homework and a leg-up in French?
Are extra-curricular programs too far for your child to partake in?

In 2016, building on over fifteen years of experience in developing innovative and fun-filled French second-language summer camp experiences throughout the Greater Toronto Area and in response to a need for year-round language learning support in our community, Camp Tournesol launched its online French tutoring program.

The Brouillet Academy continues to fulfill our core mission of supporting student’s bilingual journey in convenient and customized online learning experiences. Drawing from the best of our experienced and fully trained counsellors, we provides busy families with an important tool for continuing their language learning journey. Read about the advantages of online French tutoring in our blog here.

We focus on one-on-one targeted support, which could include specific French language skills or simply homework, with repetition, positive reinforcement, and most importantly lots of practice. Weekly French lessons are customized by each French tutors with your child’s specific needs in mind. Our French tutors include graduates of our summer camps programs who are selected because of their excellent ability to connect with children and are usually working in the school environment or are teachers-in-training.

Students benefit from the individualization and can see themselves improving session after session.

Our curriculum

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Our educational tutorial service is adaptable to students of various levels but is primarily destined for students in grades 1 through 12. However, if you are interested in registering a child outside of these age ranges, do not hesitate to give us a call and we can certainly adapt the program to your needs!

Our tutors customize the sessions for each of their pupil based on the need and requests from parents. They have access to a wide variety of resources including the Ministry’s curriculum and are supported by our director of curriculum, a seasoned French second language Ontario Certified expert. They will provide an assessment at the end of each package purchased, and will be available during the session to discuss progress with parents.

During the sessions, students develop their skills in understanding grammar, reading and vocabulary. Students are exposed to common vocabulary and sentence structures that are necessary for communication, that are reinforced in the activities they complete during each session. Because the entire session is done online with a tutor, students also gain valuable speaking and listening practice! Students hear the pronunciation of key vocabulary and phrases that they will practice and incorporate into their own speech. 

Visit our Fees and schedules page for information on how to register!

The tutors in our educational tutorial services are equipped with a bank of stories and activities that they personally select according to your child’s interests and levels. As such, should there be a concept that takes a bit more practice before mastery, they are well-equipped to undertake such revision; likewise if a child grasps a concept very quickly, the tutors can easily take the student’s learning to a deeper and more complex level. Each session prepares students for authentic usage of French, both in and out of the classroom; all of the exercises and activities in the program are developed alongside the Ontario French as a Second Language curriculum, ensuring that what your student will be learning will directly apply to their French needs. Why not try our no-risk home tutorial services NOW!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

If you are unhappy with the program, let us know within 48 hours of the first session finishing and we will be happy to issue you a full refund.

Fees For Our 1-on-1 French Tutoring:

  • 5 sessions: $250 +HST ($50/hour)
  • 10 sessions: $440 +HST ($44/hour)
  • 20 sessions: $800 + HST ($40/hour)

Please contact for payment plan for 20-session purchase as required.

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