Virtual French Classes

Boost your French Skills With Live Online Learning!

“These Virtual Programs Make Self-Isolation Feel Less Isolating!”



We offer classes for all French levels:

  • Students that are in French Immersion, Francophone schools, or native speakers.
  • Students that have some prior French knowledge through private school, extended French, or Core French.
  • Students that are beginners in French and are looking to learn.

*All of our classes run as Daily Sessions with five classes of 55 minutes at the same time every day from Monday to Friday. Some of these classes are also offered in a weekly format.


We will be there to support your children through these uncertain times. Whether you are choosing to send your child to school, or homeschool them, we have programs to support their French learning!

Choose between our weekly French group classes targeting each specific grade level from beginner to advanced French immersion, or one-on-one tutoring customized to your needs, or make your own group class for your “pod” and choose your time slot during the day as well as the frequency.


Note: We update the material taught in each program on a weekly basis.

We’re offering a 7.5% discount when you register for more than six classes in one invoice. Get in on these savings by registering now!


“Lauren’s experience with the virtual classes at Tournesol during these uncertain times we all face has not only enriched her French and increased her confidence but has helped make self-isolation feel less isolating.”

“Thank you so much for offering the virtual classes and being adaptable from week to week.  We’re really impressed by your commitment!”

“I like this program because children can use their skills and are having fun. I am alternating this program with the reading program to give a break from the (welcome) academic approach of the reading program.”

“This program has been essential during this difficult time. It has provided much-needed structure and routine while delivering a fun program and daily practice with a patient instructor.”

Experiential French Learning:

Experiential learning programs offered in French via our online Zoom platform. Children will build their French skills while experiencing and learning about other subjects as well!

  • All For 1: A one-stop-shop for students in Grade 1 looking to boost their French skills!
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Calling all wizards, clerics and warriors, adventure is waiting for you!
  • Reading Club: Reading out loud and reading comprehension!
  • Creative Scenes Drama: Forget stage left, how about webcam left!
  • Learn French Program: An engaging program to prepare kids in SK to Grade 4 to enter a French program!
  • Let’s Talk French: The main focus of these online French classes is on spontaneous French-speaking with a great lineup of unique and fun themes!
  • The 6ix: An exciting daily program exclusively for children in French Immersion who are finishing grade 6!


CampT’s Virtual Fun French Hour:

Fun and engaging programs to build verbal skills through a variety of fun activities for students ages 4 to 12 offered through our Zoom platform.

Focused French Classes:

Academic support to students in French immersion or French schools for students of all ages offered through our Zoom platform. 

  • Writer’s Workshop: Help boost your children’s French writing skills with these online classes. With a trained instructor, students will work on grammar and creative writing!
  • Enrich Your French: Comprehensive French practice focused on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Register for five 55-minute classes at a time. Available for French immersion students up to grade 4 through our Zoom platform.
  • Advanced DELF Classes: Structured academic French classes aligned with the DELF certification available to grades 5 to 12 through our Zoom platform. These classes are offered for a 10-week semester and each class runs for 90 minutes a week. 



Prefer one-on-one tutoring? We have that too! Click the button to get more details about our flexible online Live French tutoring!


Experiential French Learning

Let’s Talk French

Building French skills through conversational and spontaneous French-speaking!

Who: Students in French immersion from Grade 1 to 5

Cost: $75/week

Format: Daily – 55-minute sessions

Our Let’s Talk French series is an excellent opportunity for students in French Immersion to keep up their verbal skills while engaging in a variety of topics. The main focus of these online French classes is on spontaneous French-speaking!

As students connect in French-speaking interactions with the course leader and their peers during these French classes, they will cover new and interesting topics each week! Students will be asked questions that will demonstrate their comprehension of the topic and will participate in fun and engaging conversations.

Click Here To Learn More!

Creative Scenes Drama

Forget stage left, how about webcam left!

Who: Students in French immersion from Grade 1 to 6

Cost: $75/session

Format: Daily 55-minute sessions

Forget stage left, more like webcam left! We are calling all actors and drama fans for an exciting week of Virtual Theatre. In this Virtual Class, students will be given a script, assigned roles, and rehearse leading up to showtime on Friday. We will record the big show over Zoom and send you a copy! This program will unleash your children’s imagination, unlock their creativity and, best of all, give them lots of practice in French-speaking and reading. So hurry up and sign up, because opening night is just around the corner!

Learn French Program

Engaging programs for campers NOT in French immersion!

Cost: $75/session

Format: Weekly or Daily

Who: This program is offered to anyone age 5 to 11 who would like to learn or improve their already acquired French skills. The program is offered to 3 age groups: 5 to 7, 8 to 9, and 10 to 11.

Select either the Learn French or the Practical French Essentials depending on your child’s French level.

Learn French Program: An engaging program for students that are beginners in French and are looking to learn. This program is built to prepare students to enter a French program or to build verbal skills. This program will:

  • help ensure a smooth transition to school;
  • prepare them to enter a French program with confidence and enthusiasm;
  • and develop their verbal skills.

Vocabulary is formally taught and reinforced throughout the hour with fun activities such as songs, books, and worksheets.

Practical French Essentials: Designed for students that have acquired some prior French knowledge through private school, extended French, or Core French academic programs during the school year. We focus on the acquisition of keywords and phrases through both direct and experiential instruction.

Children will strengthen their communicative competencies by participating in a variety of activities all designed to make learning fun! While engaging with and learning with their peers, they will improve their already acquired French skills and gain confidence in their verbal skills.

Mentored by our supportive counselors, kids will gain a love of “la langue de Molière.” Each week of programming follows a different theme, with each week building on the next, so kids can participate for multiple weeks and take their language learning to the next level.

Dungeons & Dragons

Calling all wizards, clerics, and warriors, adventure is waiting for you!

Who: Students in French Immersion from Grade 3 to Grade 6

Cost: $75

Format: Daily

Our Dungeon master is waiting to bring you on a one-week online journey through lands and adventures you could only dream off. During this week children will become the character assigned to them and use their skills to complete challenges.

This program will not only be hours of fun but will also build on our gamers’ team building, critical thinking, and of course language skills. So be sure to join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

Reading Club

Reading out loud and reading comprehension.

Who: Students in French immersion from Grade 2 to 6

Cost: $75/session

Format: Daily 55-minute sessions

Does your child love to read? Do you WISH they loved it? Join our trained French instructors for French reading where each child will get to listen in French and take turns reading out loud. We have hand-picked age-appropriate books and stories designed to capture the attention of our virtual learners. During this program, our instructors will spend time reading a book/story which will be shared on their screen, over Zoom with a class of no more than eight students. Campers will be engaged and get some excellent reading practice which will surely help them in school and beyond.


“Busy referring a few more people to you! We are thrilled to hear that Christine is continuing as a teacher with the book club as she has been wonderful and makes the class both fun and engaging but also is great at keeping the kids focused when they need to be. Lauren enjoys her class so very much as does her friend that we referred to the program. I don’t have to remind Lauren to log in as she looks forward to the sessions and learning every day.”

All For 1

young french learning

A one-stop-shop for students in Grade 1 looking to boost their French skills!

Who: Students in French immersion from Grade 1

Cost: $75/week

Format: Daily – 55-minute sessions

This program is the one-stop-shop for great academic programming for kids in Grade 1. This class, which is exclusively for first graders, is a mashup of the academic classes that we have been running for the past two months.

We will be focusing on all aspects of French learning (writing, reading, and speaking) for a more well-rounded learning experience. So join us for some Writer’s Workshop, Book Club, Conversation, and more all in one place and all for kids in Grade 1!

Focused French Classes

Writer’s Workshop

virtual classes

Grammar and creative writing.

Who: Students in French immersion from Grade 2 to 6

Cost: $95/session

Format: Daily – 55-minute sessions

Give your children the opportunity to practice their French writing skills at home! Our trained French instructors will go over some of our favourite work and activity books with your children. Guiding them through common grammar mistakes and other challenges students typically face while writing in French. As well, they will have a chance to grow their imagination during our creative writing sections. Be sure your kids are one step ahead of their class by signing up for this fun and engaging academic program!


“Merci! The Senior Writing class has been very beneficial for my 9-year-old son.”

Enrich Your French

virtual classes

Comprehensive French practice focusing on reading, writing, speaking, listening. 

Who: French immersion students from Grade 2 to 5

Cost: $105/session (five 55-minute classes)

Format: Daily

This is a great opportunity for students currently in French immersion in grades 2 to 5 to keep up and build their all-around French skills.

Our program is designed to cater to the needs of French immersion students specifically. It will focus on the 4 areas of language acquisition: speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing. Classes will be organized based on grade level with highly qualified native speaker professors. 

This class will be a mix of guided lessons, interactive sections with the professor and their peers, as well as individualized work at the end of each class to ensure each student is able to apply all new information. Your child will come out with newfound confidence in French and new virtual friends!

Advanced DELF Classes

Structured academic classes aligned with the DELF certification.

Who: Classes available for all level of French immersion students in Grade 6 to 12


  • $360/session (10 classes of 90 minutes)
  • $185 for the 5 week semester

Format: Weekly

Read more from our Director of Curriculum, Mme Annie Bellemare here.

  • These classes are offered all year round for a 10-week semester and each class runs for 90 minutes a week as well as independent work assignments weekly.
  • Sessions are offered for all levels of French to students of all different French backgrounds.
  • The program targets optional DELF assessment and certification at the end of the course.

CampT’s Virtual Fun French Hour

Arts & Crafts Club

virtual classes

Learn, Create, Imagine.

Who: Students in French immersion from SK to Grade 5

Cost: $60/session

Format: Daily 55-minute sessions (This program will alternate every other week with Minute To Win It)

Calling all art lovers! If you love creating crafts and projects while interacting online with other students, then this is the program for you!

Exchange ideas with each other, get advice on best how-tos, ask for help and create a new project for each class. This club is led all in French by one of our enthusiastic French crafting leaders! Campers will learn new words and enrich their vocabulary while making a craft. We will send you a CampT t-shirt in advance of the camp to wear during your class so you don’t have to worry about messy clothes!

Click here to see a list of other materials you will need should you decide to sign up.

Board Games

Language, Cooperation, and Board Games in French!

Who: Students in French immersion from Grade 1 to 4

Cost: $60/session

Format: Daily 55-minute sessions

Login in for some fun in French with our favourite board games, cooperation games, and language games all led by our course directors. This exciting 55-minute session will build your child’s spontaneity with the French language and enhance their vocabulary at the same time all while socializing and working on their team-building skills. The best part is they won’t even realize they are learning as they will be too busy having fun! So be sure to join us for this very special session as we play games such as “snakes and ladders,” “checkers” and other classics all while staying in your living room! 


“Thank you Jason, for the awesome hour of games this week!  Jack loved it!”

“Son took all three themes. Road Trip (Board Games) was his favorite!!!!! Loved it. So fun and Jason was so awesome! Thanks for great workshops!”

Books, Songs, Games, & More

virtual classes

A fun interactive program for children in French immersion or French schools.

Who: French immersion or francophone children in JK to Grade 1

Cost: $60/session

Format: Daily 55-minute sessions

This program cycles through a book, a song, and a game twice to three times a session as your child interacts with other campers their age in French! Our fully bilingual staff will guide campers and encourage them to use their French language skills out loud and acquire new vocabulary. All material has been specially hand-selected for this age group and matches their cognitive abilities as well as French proficiency. You are welcome to join with your child in the “mom and tot” style or leave them in our capable hands! It is sure to be a fun time for all. 


Continuing in our commitment to support French immersion students from disadvantaged families, the Brouillet Academy and Camp Tournesol are proud to provide the opportunity to attend one virtual class free of charge, for kids who could not otherwise be able to attend. Each candidate is considered for a maximum of one virtual class. Only applications for families that would not otherwise be able to send their child to camp due to financial barriers will be accepted. ​10 spots per week are made available for our daily classes.

Please click here to complete the application form if you feel that you would qualify for this subsidy.

Virtual French Classes Refund Policy:

  • There will be an administration fee of 30% of the fee for the session per student withheld on all refunds.
  • Refunds for the registration fees are ONLY issued for cancellations submitted at least 10 days prior to the beginning of the courses.

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