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  • Has your child left immersion? Or do you find the French program your child is attending not challenging enough?
  • Are you committed to ensuring your child maintains and improves their French skills?
  • Would you like to have a clearer understanding of your child’s achievement in French?
  • Do you want an environment where your child will thrive?

Academic Classes:

The Brouillet French academy is offered all-year-round! 10 sessions of 90 minutes of online classes are available 3 times a year. The programs target optional DELF assessment and certification at the end of the course.  Sessions are offered for all levels of French to students of all different French background. All of our classes, ages 10-18 as well as adult classes, are limited to a maximum of 8 students.

**NEW in the fall 2019: Adult classes are offered!**


Why LIVE French courses via an online platform?

Tomorrow’s citizens learn from the comfort of their home. Using technology, they connect with a small group of learners, all of whom are at the same language level, and a francophone teacher, who guides them through their learning. Tomorrow’s citizens are truly at the heart of our Academy.

Read more from our Director of Curriculum, Mme Annie Bellemare here.

Program Description:

This French academy is a blended learning course which combines the convenience of online learning and the intensity of an in-person weekend learning retreat in French. It provides students ages 10 and up (of appropriate French proficiency) with a unique opportunity to practice their French outside of the traditional classroom and, at the same time, work towards the DELF Junior diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education.

The course curriculum, which has been developed in consultation with a number of experienced French immersion teachers, has been tailored to meet the specific needs of French Second Language learners. It involves the students learning to communicate effectively in French in a variety of interactive everyday tasks while simultaneously paying increased attention to the quality of language in all four main language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing). The students will benefit from the small class size, discussions on topics highly relevant to children and teens (volunteer work, games and apps, podcasts, movies, environment, health), and instruction with efficient constructive feedback provided by a French native speaker and highly-experienced FSL instructor. The students will participate in the course from the comfort of their home.

Student profile:

Children age 10 to 18 who are in French immersion or who left the program or are interested in improving their French skills are invited to apply.  The target DELF certification is the A1, A2 and B1 levels (see below for a description of the levels).

**NEW in the fall 2019: Adult classes are offered!**

Course structure:

Levelled structure sessions: Students attend 10 weekly sessions at 90 minutes each in a virtual classroom with a maximum of 8 classmates. Students are also asked to commit to an additional 30 minutes of reinforcement work per week at home. 

The program may culminate with a DELF assessment and certification for those students who have achieved the appropriate level (done by an external certification organisation).

Important: Depending on the student’s learning progress, we may recommend that he/she attends up to 4 sessions in the level which he/she is enrolled before transferring to the next level. The curriculum will be modified accordingly.


To ensure that your child is placed in the correct group and in their interest of their overall success, it is a requirement that each child takes the following online assessment.

Click here to access the assessment. There is no cost to take this assessment.

You will first be asked to select which of the four levels (A1, A2, B1, or B2) you would like to attempt. Please read the description with your child, and select the test that is most reflective of their current abilities. An honest assessment of your child’s abilities helps us to better place them with peers of the same level, and ensure their success in the program. As such, please only complete the assessment once and without outside aides. Once sessions have begun in September, there is the possibility that your child will be asked to change groups should our staff feel that a different level be more appropriate.

Once completing the test, please send a screenshot of the result of the test to with your child’s name, as well as your preferred session based on his or her result. We will assign the spot on a first come first serve basis.


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