French Vocabulary: Words You Should Know!

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French vocabulary lists are a great way to learn and boost your skills in French! In this blog we have provided a list of important vocabulary words in French as well as some free French exercises to help you practice!
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Learning New Words in French!

One of the most effective ways of learning French is expanding your vocabulary! Learning new words is proven to be one of the quickest and easiest ways to learn French. 

For this mini lesson, the instructors and I have come up with a few French vocabulary word lists we think will help you expand your French knowledge! We have also created some free printable exercises to help you practice what you learned!

It is said that most fluent French speakers know an average of 3,000 words in French, so let us help your fluency with some French vocabulary lists and words we think are crucial for any French speaker

French Vocabulary - The Weather

French Vocabulary - Animals

French Vocabulary - Foods

French Vocabulary - Emotions

It's Time To Practice! Here are Some Free Printable Worksheets:

Now that you’ve learned some new French words, its time to put them to the test! Here are some FREE printable worksheets to practice your French vocabulary skills. These are perfect for beginners, preschoolers, or French Immersion students looking to review their skills!​

Animal Vocabulary: Word Search

Weather Vocabulary: Find the Word

Food Vocabulary: Translate the Phrase

Emotions Vocabulary: Word Association

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