Meet our Tutor Pascale M.

We would love to introduce our tutor Pascale. If you think she is the right fit for you and your child, follow the instructions at the bottom.

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About our Tutor Pascale M.

Pascale is a tutor at the Brouillet Academy. She is a Francophone pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Education from the University of Quebec. 

She has previously worked for 4 years as a counsellor in a day camp and 3 years as a dance teacher!

What our clients love about Pascale:

Tutoring Client
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Can not say enough about Pascale! Maya really enjoys her and from what I have heard and seen, she is fantastic!!
Tutoring Client
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Pascale is really patient and makes the sessions interesting and fun

More about Pascale M.

Pascale M. is an artist!

“I love books, dancing and art of all kinds!”

Why does Pascale love teaching French?

“I love teaching French because I think this wonderful language has a lot to offer. I am lucky to be able to share my mother tongue while learning even more.