Meet our Tutor Jilian

We would love to introduce our tutor Jilian. If you think she is the right fit for you and your child, follow the instructions at the bottom.

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About our Tutor Jilian

Meet Jilian, she is a tutor at Brouillet Academy. She has over 5 years of experience in child education. She has previously worked as a swimming instructor, a teaching assistant, a tutor, and a summer camp counsellor! She is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Education and Bachelor of Arts in French Studies at York University.

What our clients love about Jilian:

Tutoring Client
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I so appreciate the flexibility Jilian offers. I wish to continue our sessions with Jilian...she’s amazing with Zade!
Tutoring Client
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Wanted to pass on that Jilian's been doing a great job with Amelia. Amelia was very reluctant to speak up in the group classes last year, but with Jillian she's eager to talk and looks forward to her lessons.

More about Jilian

Jilian is a travel enthusiast!

“I love to travel! My family and I attempt to travel to new places each year. For example, during the past 4 years, we’ve visited Korea (our native country), Japan, Greece, Italy, Albania, Croatia, and Hawaii.”

Why does Jilian love teaching French?

I love teaching French because I am able to teach my students (and myself) to become lifelong learners. French is multidimensional which creates continuous learning opportunities. For example, teaching French involves various aspects such as: French grammar and literacy, speaking and listening, and culture- tradition, food, norms etc. There is always room for growth when learning French!