Meet our Tutor Emma E

We would love to introduce our tutor Emma. If you think Emma is the right fit for you and your child, follow the instructions at the bottom.

Emma E Headshot

About our Tutor Emma E.

Emma is a tutor at the Brouillet Academy. Emma is a graduate  with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and French Studies from the University of Victoria

Emma currently works as a language assistant in a school in Quebec. 

What our clients love about Emma:

Tutoring Client
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The way Emma spoke to her and the way Emma conducted the lesson was perfect for her.
Tutoring Client
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Pascale is really patient and makes the sessions interesting and fun

More about Emma E.

Emma is from out west!

“Emma was born and raised in British Columbia, and now lives in Quebec”

Why does Emma love teaching French?

I love teaching French because it’s a beautiful language!