Meet our Tutor Eleana

We would love to introduce our tutor Eleana. If you think she is the right fit for you and your child, follow the instructions at the bottom.

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About our Tutor Eleana

Meet Eleana, she is a tutor and instructor at the Brouillet Academy. She is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in French Studies and Concurrent Education from Glendon College of York.

Her first experience in child education was in 2014 when she began coaching gymnastics. She later went on to also facilitate after-school dance classes as well as English classes for ESL students. 

What our clients love about Eleana:

Tutoring Client
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Eleana is really patient with my child, and has really made a difference in her confidence
Tutoring Client
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Eleana has really gone above and beyond, we appreciate how prepared she comes to our sessions

More about Eleana

Eleana the poet:

“I love poetry! Writing it, reading it, and listening to spoken word. “

Why does Eleana love teaching French?

“I love teaching French because I am motivated by seeing students increase in confidence and effective communication.