Meet our Tutor Celina

We would love to introduce our tutor Celina. If you think she is the right fit for you and your child, follow the instructions at the bottom.

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About our Tutor Celina

Meet Celina, she is a tutor at Brouillet Academy. Celina has also worked as a French teaching assistant and a part-time teacher. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology and French at University of Toronto.

What our clients love about Celina:

Tutoring Client
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Celina really helped with our French needs, my son feels more confident speaking French now!
Tutoring Client
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Celina exceeded our expectations!

More about Celina

Celina the polylingual singer:

“I actually really love to sing! So much that my neighbours are probably tired of hearing it. Aside from French, I also speak Vietnamese, and am currently learning Spanish.”

Why does Celina love teaching French?

“I love teaching French because I love sharing my passion for the language and culture!”