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Classes offered for all levels of French Learning!


Learn French

Levels SK to Grade 6

Offered for students in SK to grade 6. This series of classes is intended for students not in French Immersion. The student enters based on their French level to attend classes that would reflect their experience in Core French in the school system.

Junior Series (SK to GR 2)

These classes will consolidate students’ foundation and basic French skills through various activities linked to the four learning domains: oral communication, oral comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing. 

Students will strengthen their French vocabulary repertoire as well as their basic grammar skills; they will participate in short and simple conversations and will be able to share their tastes, their interests, and points of view. Our Learn French series aims to develop students’ proficiency to get them ready for the next level. 

**It is mandatory to take a self-assessment before registering for us to best determine your French level and the class who will be your right fit!

Senior Series (GR 3 to 6)

These classes are developed to provide basic words and phrases around a variety of topics and themes to provide the students with a strong foundation. Students will receive a certificate after completing their semester. They will also receive a progress report mid-way and instructors will be constantly doing assessments to ensure that your child is at the right level.

Students attending our Learn French Series will acquire a range of vocabulary to build up their repertoire; they will be able to identify themselves and describe simple situations in everyday life in French; and they will be able to interact by means of simple statements if the interlocutor speaks slowly. The pace of these classes is slower to ensure that students develop their confidence in moving to the next level. 

**It is mandatory to take a self-assessment before registering for us to best determine your French level and the class who will be your right fit!


The fall semester begins the week of September 20th. Class start dates are staggered throughout the week. Log into the parent portal here for more details.

Our fall semesters will run for 13 weeks, ending the week of December 13th, with a few exceptions (DELF, Coding and Conjugation and Grammar).

Classes held on Mondays will skip Canadian Thanksgivings Monday on October 11th and the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Yes! All of our classes and tutoring are held virtually so anybody can join us! Whether you are from India, UK, Canada, USA, or anywhere else, you can join any of our programs!

Absolutely! Our classes are divided by age and grade. We currently offer French Immersion virtual classes for children ages 6 to 12! If your child is older than 12, check out our Académie Sénior designed for Grades 6 to 12!

  • There will be an administration fee of 30% of the fee for the session per student withheld on all refunds. For DELF/Senior Academy, the administrative fee for cancellations up to 10 days prior to the start of the class will be $40.
  • Refunds for the registration fees are only issued for cancellations submitted before 10 days prior to the beginning of the courses.
  • There are no credit notes available for any reasons.

Register before August 31st and SAVE UP TO $15! We love people who register early as it helps us secure our best staff so we like to give you a little reward

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Pricing and Fees

French Virtual Classes

2021: Weekly or daily format
$ 260 Per session (13 classes)
  • some classes are offered for 10 weeks at $200
  • 55 minute classes held once weekly
  • Programs are tax exempt
  • Multiple Week Discount: Purchase 3 or more of the same program to get 4% off
FALL 2021

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