Basic French Vocabulary: Travel and Tourism

Learning a new language is an essential part of being a world traveler! This is why we have created a list of essential phrases and words in French you will need for your next trip to France, Quebec or any other Francophone destination!
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French Vocabulary Words for Travel!

One of the main reasons to learn new languages is to be able to speak them when you travel to different parts of the world. 

Even if many countries have adopted English as a foreign language and many touristic venues provide information in English, using French when traveling to French speaking regions will allow you to immerse yourself more in the local culture and show your respect for the community you are visiting. Your French does not need to be perfect, but a little : “s’il-vous-plaît” and “merci” here and there can make a huge difference!

Below you’ll find a list of key words in French to use on your next vacation!

French Vocabulary Words - At the Airport:

French Vocabulary Words - At the Hotel:

French Vocabulary Words - At the Restaurant:

French Vocabulary Words - At the Train Station:

Practice Time: Free Printable Worksheets

Now that you’ve learned some new useful words and phrases in French for your next travel, it’s time to practice! Check out our free printable practice worksheets below: 

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

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