Definite and Indefinite Articles in French

How to use definite and indefinite articles in French. Practice with our free printable worksheets below!
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The articles in French

Nouns are always preceded by articles. Those articles tell a lot about the nouns, such as whether it is feminine or masculine, or if the noun is definite or indefinite! French articles are used in similar conditions as in English. The only differences between the French and English articles are that the French articles vary according to the genre and number of the noun. 

Definite VS Indefinite Articles in French

Indefinite articles are used when referring to something unspecified. They are used when the noun has not been identified or named by the speaker.

Indefinite Articles

Singular Plural
Feminine une des
Masculine un des

Definite articles are used when the noun is clearly identified by the speaker.

Definite Articles

Singular Plural
Feminine la les
Masculine le les

Example of definite VS indefinite French articles:

J’ai vu un (indefinite) tigre au zoo. 

Le (definite) tigre était très grand.


I saw a (indefinite) tiger at the zoo. 

The (definite) tiger was big.

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Free Printable PDF Exercises: Articles in French

Now that you have learned about the definite and indefinite articles in French, you can test your knowledge with the following worksheets.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

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