Our Team

Our Founder – Martine Brouillet

Martine is a francophone born and raised in Montreal who actively supports bilingualism. She graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in management information system and organizational behavior. 

Driven to make an impact in second-language learner children in their quest to become bilingual following the birth of her 3 sons,  Martine Brouillet founded Camp Tournesol in 2001 in Ontario, Canada. The company’s flagship French camps have since become leaders in this market, welcoming tens of thousands of children and spawning sister products servicing these families such as the Brouillet Academy. 

The impetus to create the Brouillet Academy stemmed from a long time dream to provide accessibility to French classes and tutoring to children and adults regardless of their geographical location as well as complement the hands-on, experiential learning provided by her camps with a more academic and structured environment.

Directors of Curriculum

Annie Bellemare:

Annie is a francophone born and raised in Quebec. She has gained than 10 years of experience teaching and sharing her love of French both in Quebec and in Ontario. She graduated from University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières with a Bachelor degree in Second Language Teaching. After her first university degree, she decided to pursue her studies at the master’s level. She then moved to Ontario to study at the University of Toronto in the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, where she completed her Master of Arts in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development. Her thesis was on youth identity and French-language education in Ontario. She is now a Special Education Consultant at Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.She is still very passionate about teaching French and is very excited to work and share her passion with your children. 

Annie joined Camp Tournesol in 2009, participating in all the overnight trips since then (Quebec, France, Algonquin) and having fun with campers at the day camps as a coordinator. In 2018, she joined our senior team as a regional coordinator.

She has assembled a team of seasoned instructors for all our classes and levels who will be with her onsite at the weekend retreat.

Amanda Cloutier:

Amanda is a lover of the French language since her first French classes in elementary school, Amanda pursued her post-secondary studies all with a focus on the French language, completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts in French Studies from the University of Waterloo, a Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University to certify her as an Ontario Certified Teacher for French at the secondary level, and a Master’s of Education from the University of Ottawa.

Outside of her schooling, Amanda has always sought opportunities to grow her fluency in French, ultimately leading her to join the Camp Tournesol team as a counsellor in 2013. Since, she has grown with the company, seeing first-hand how the programming Camp Tournesol offers impacts campers, families, and our counsellors.

Now a Program Director, Amanda is pleased to give back to the French language community, supporting new initiatives within Camp Tournesol and Great French Tutors.

French teachers – Online Classroom

Amel Naroun

Amel is originally from France but lived in few different countries (ie. Japan, the UK, Germany, Canada…). She is a languages teacher.

She enjoys being immersed in different countries/cultures and she loves sharing my own culture and language and also talk about other cultures.

Amel is very excited to meet your child and teach them French.

Sylvie Couture

Sylvie has been teaching French for over 4 years in a Francophone school for children in kindergarten to grade 7. Teaching is her passion since her youth, she loves to work with children.

She worked for Camp Tournesol before and she is very excited to start this new experience with the Brouillet Academy.

Our Tutors

Jules Ducau

Hello! My name is Jules and I am a Child and Youth Worker in for the French school board Viamonde. I have also been a camp counsellor with Camp Tournesol for three years. I am originally from France and I would love to share my culture and my language with you and your kids to make them comfortable with French – always with fun and joy! I can’t wait to meet your kids and accompany them to the road of French success

Amel Naroun

Hello! My name is Amel and I am a languages teacher. I am originally from France but lived in few different countries (ie. Japan, the UK, Germany, Canada…). I enjoy being immersed in different countries/cultures and I love sharing my own culture and language and also talk about other cultures. Your kids won’t get bored with me!

Erika MacDonald

Hello, my name is Erika, I’m a fourth year student at the University of Ottawa. I have a major in French as a second language and a minor in history. I just recently did an exchange in Paris, France for a semester, in hopes to better my French language skills as well as to expand my knowledge of the French culture. I have been apart of the Camp Tournesol family for a number of years, and have also tutored for Great French Tutors in the past. I have a passion for learning and teaching, and I would love to help improve your child’s  French language skills in a way that best fits their needs.

Marvin Darboux

I grew up in France in a small town in Alsace (Mulhouse) near Strasbourg where I obtained my university degree in electrical engineering. In addition to my studies, I worked in a robotics squad for 1 year. My mission was to teach programming with a team of other students through original and attractive workshops. I have been living in Canada for a year now and I am doing a business degree in Montreal. I also did 6 months in Toronto for an intensive training in English in order to acquire a current level. I enjoy travelling and sharing with other cultures. My personality makes me love teaching and I love learning so it will be a pleasure to share that with others.

Hawa Diallo

Hello! My name is Hawa and I am francophone! I have been working with children for a few years now. I started off by tutoring French Immersion students at a homework club in Ottawa, and as a counselor at after school program. I enjoy researching and learning new ways to improve my teaching skills. Therefore, learning with me will always be fun and knowledgeable.

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