French Lessons Online for Kids

Inspiring and supporting your French learning journey.

Boost your French through our grammar, coding, enrichment classes, 1-on-1 tutoring, and much more!

French Tutoring Online for Kids

Inspiring and supporting your French learning journey!

Boost your French through our group or private 1-on-1 tutoring lessons!

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French Tutoring

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Our French Group Class Semesters: 2023 Schedule

If your child prefers learning in a group environment with their peers, our French classes are a perfect fit! Our group French lessons are offered by level and are open to students in grades SK to 12. We have classes available for both French Immersion and Non-French Immersion students. Our classes are divided into 3 semesters every year:

FALL 2022

Weekly Classes

18 Week Semester

 September 19th – February 3rd


Weekly Classes
18 Week Semester
February 6th – June 19th


Daily Classes
July and August

Martine in a yellow sweater crouching with her two golden retrievers, Alice and Penny.

Welcome to BA Tutoring!

I am Martine Brouillet, founder and owner of Camp Tournesol and the Brouillet Academy. I am a French Canadian living in an anglophone community with my husband. Together we have three grown sons and my two rescue goldens Alice and Penny and our cat Tabby. I created French summer camps to serve my sons’ needs and encourage them to speak and use French outside of the classroom. I have always been passionate about bilingualism and have been building a team to serve the community of francophiles in Ontario for more than 20 years. 

I am also a serial entrepreneur and a techno-enthusiast. Covid forced us to review all our processes and increase efficiency and automation within our platform, which is now part of our mission. Moving forward, in addition to our high quality French learning virtual and in-person programs, we are building a community of brands and programs to serve the growing needs of our youth.

Our group and private French lessons provide a learning experience like no other.

Here's What Parents Have to Say


“Our daughter liked the instant positive feedback for getting questions right. Enjoyed the entire program! ”
Virtual French Classes
“My son started out virtual classes very anxious about making mistakes on camera in front of others. He said the EYF class helped so much because the teacher and other students were very kind and encouraging! He also was comforted by a safe environment where everyone was free to make errors and learn from them. He really enjoyed speaking with kids his age who were closer to his level. ”
Virtual French Classes
“My son loved the private lessons as well. The teacher was thorough, patient, and friendly, and although he was very reluctant to speak, she coaxed so much out of him. I was very impressed with her professionalism and kindness. "
French 1-on-1 Tutoring